2015 NFL Mock Draft 4.1: Possible Draft Day Trades

Eric Gay/Associated Press
Eric Gay/Associated Press

In this post, I take a look at some possible draft day trades. All of these trades are based on the selections in my most recent mock draft, NFL Mock Draft 4.0. All trades and pick values are based on the DraftTek 2015 NFL Draft Trade Value Chart.

  • Philadelphia Eagles trade up to the No. 2 pick, select Marcus Mariota. This has to be the most obvious draft day trade in recent memory. Never has there been so much talk about a team, who already has a capable starting quarterback in Sam Bradford, and previously Nick Foles, trading up for a QB. But Mariota is a perfect fit for Eagles head coach Chip Kelly’s system and it seems like Kelly is turning the Eagles into the Oregon of the NFL. And with the Titans possibly looking to stick with second-year quarterback Zach Mettenberger for another year, the two teams could be a perfect fit. However to move up to the No. 2 slot, the Eagles would have to mortgage their entire 2015 and possibly future drafts. Based on the DraftTek 2015 NFL Draft Trade Value Chart, the different between the Titans and Eagles picks is 1750 points, or about 2 more 1st-round picks and a 3rd- rounder. So to get Mariota the Eagles would have to trade 3 1st-round picks and a 3rd-round pick. That’s a whole lot of picks to give up, just for a quarterback, especially when the Eagles already have Bradford.
  • Cleveland Browns trade up to the No. 2 pick, select Marcus Mariota. Last year it was reported that Browns GM Ray Famer really liked Mariota, and this year the Browns quarterbacks coach, Kevin O’Connell worked out Mariota before being hired by the Browns. In this scenario the Browns could trade up for Mariota, essentially giving up on Johnny Manziel, to get their quarterback of the future. The Browns do need a quarterback, barring the sudden emergence of Manziel, and have the picks to trade up. Three first round picks, the Browns have two first-rounders this year, would be enough to trade up to the No. 2 slot and take Mariota.
  • San Diego Chargers trade up to the No. 2 pick, select Marcus Mariota. With Phillip Rivers possibly leaving the Chargers next season, there’s been a lot of talk about San Diego making a move for a quarterback. While the Chargers only have one pick in the first round, trading Rivers to the Titans could be a possibility as Titans head coach Ken Whisenhunt worked with Rivers before. Depending on how the Titans value Rivers, two first round picks and Rivers could do the trick.
  • Chicago Bears trade up to the No. 2 pick, select Marcus Mariota. Another under-the-radar team looking to possibly move on from their current quarterback, the Bears could trade up for Mariota if they aren’t satisfied with Jay Cutler anymore. The difference between the Titans and Bears picks is another first round pick, and the Bears might be able to do it for Cutler and their first, depending on how the Titans value Cutler and his bloated contract. Mariota would give the Bears are fresh start at QB.
  • Cleveland Browns trade up to the No. 4 pick, select Leonard Williams. MMQB’s Peter King suggested this trade in his most recent mock and I happen to like it. The Browns run defense was the worst in the league last season and adding Williams would really beef up the Browns front seven. If the Browns don’t think either Washington DT Danny Shelton or Williams will fall to them at No. 12, they may be inclined to trade up as it wouldn’t take more than a 2nd and 3rd round pick. The Raiders on the other hand, could trade down and pick up a few picks, and one of the top 3-4 wideouts should still be available at No. 12.
  • St. Louis Rams trade up to the No. 4 pick, select Amari Cooper. After trading for Nick Foles, the Rams need some wide receivers for him to throw to. Kenny Britt and Tavon Austin aren’t going to cut it. The Rams have been rumored to like Cooper and while he does fall in my most recent mock, there’s a chance he get’s selected in the top five. If the Rams want Cooper, they may have to trade up with the Raiders, giving up a 2nd-round pick.
  • Dallas Cowboys trade up to the No. 23 pick, select Todd Gurley. While the Cowboys did sign Darren McFadden to replace DeMarco Murray this offseason, McFadden hasn’t been able to stay healthy for the most part, and even then never lived up to his billing. The Cowboys could be after a running back in this year’s stacked class and with the Cardinals ahead of them also in need of a back, Dallas may look to jump Arizona to select Gurley or Gordon, should either still be on the board. To move up four spots, it shouldn’t take the Cowboys more than a late round pick and the Lions could still draft a lineman at No. 2, while picking up another selection.
  • Browns, Jets or Titans trade back into the first round to select UCLA QB Brett Hundley: If these three teams elect to pass on or miss out on Jameis Winston and Mariota, one may look to trade back up into the first round from the second, similar to the Vikings last season to select Hundley. Hundley would have been a first round pick last year and might be worthy of a late first round pick in some team’s eyes. And to trade up from the early second round into the late first, it shouldn’t take much more than a third or fourth round pick, especially with a team like the Patriots, who are always looking to move back in the draft.

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