NUmbers Guy: Northwestern vs. Michigan

WNUR Sports

WNUR’s Ari Ross (@aross50) breaks down Northwestern’s ugly game against Michigan

Northwestern’s bowl chances are slipping away, just like Trevor Siemian slipped and fell on the 2-point conversion. After one of the worst and most brutal football games Northwestern’s played in a long time, the ‘Cats went for the win, and lost in the end. For three quarters of this game both teams, mostly the offenses, looked pathetic. Neither offense was able to move the ball much and both defenses forced three and outs and turnovers left and right. Finally, Michigan put some points on the board as did Northwestern, but in the end, Michigan went home with a victory that neither team deserved. While Northwestern’s defense played excellent, the offense was terrible for most of the game, putting together two long drives when it counted, but was unable to convert and get the victory in the end. So…

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