NUmbers Guy: Northwestern at Iowa

Check out my latest NUmbers Guy column for WNUR Sports.

WNUR Sports

WNUR’s Ari Ross takes a look at the stats from Northwestern’s trip to Iowa

Just awful. There’s no other way to describe it. Northwestern’s performance was just awful, pathetic. There are so many adjectives that come so mind, but I’ll be kind and just share a few. Northwestern didn’t even show up to play at Kinnick Stadium. By the end of the first quarter, Northwestern was down 24-0 and all hope was already lost. And they weren’t bad. It wasn’t like they were getting very unlucky. Offensively, Defensively and on Special Teams they played horrible. There was no offense to speak of, the defense was consistently getting beat with big plays and Northwestern’s special teams had its usual bad performance we’ve come to expect. This is one of those games that cause fans to yell at the TV screen. It was bad.  So let’s take a look at the numbers…

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