Big Ten Team Preview: Wisconsin Badgers

Check out my preview of the Wisconsin Badgers for WNUR Sports.

WNUR Sports

WNUR’s Ari Ross previews the Wisconsin Badgers and how conference realignment gives them a great chance to get back to the Big Ten Championship. The WNUR staff agrees with Ari, predicting a 1st place finish in the Big Ten West, leading to a Big Ten Championship appearance.

WNUR’s Prediction: 11-1 overall, 7-1 in conference.

After missing the Big Ten Championship, and hence the Rose Bowl, for just the second time in three years, Wisconsin is once again expected to be back a top the Big Ten. With the addition of Maryland and Rutgers, the Big Ten again realigned divisions, placing Wisconsin in the west, where they won’t have to compete with Ohio State, Michigan and Michigan State to get to the Big Ten Championship. Rather, their main competition in the west will be Iowa, Nebraska and Northwestern. And that means that the Badgers could be jumping around for years to…

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